Why Use The Yard Manager?
The Yard Manager was created by an Auto Recycler who was tired of having things going wrong in his yard. Sales were good, but the salesmen would complain that when they sold a part and the customer came back, it wasn’t ready, or nobody knew anything about it. Parts that needed to get pulled today were still not pulled the next day. Parts pullers “disappeared” or took much too long. Easy to pull parts got pulled first. Work tickets got lost. Nobody knew where the order was. The dismantlers would do the easy cars first. Returned parts would just sit in a pile.

There had to be a better way! But there wasn’t, until now! Parts To Pull was created to solve the problems of the “old days”. Most recyclers today have solved the inventory problems of yesterday with computer inventory systems. These systems are wonderful; they take care of the inventory and the sales end of the business beautifully. Most of these systems do everything you need, up to printing the invoice, but then what? Parts to Pull is a very easy to use program to list and prioritize each order, pay commission to the parts pullers and dismantlers. At a glance you will know what every parts puller is doing and when he started it. If you don’t want to pay commission, you can use the same report to see what each parts puller did each day and how long it took. With Parts To Pull, you can print pick tickets* with all the info the parts puller needs, including any special instructions and where the part is to go after being pulled.

*To print pick tickets a dedicated OKIDATA 320 printer is required.

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